About Campus for Advanced Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals in the United States

Who We Are

Campus for Advanced Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals in the United States (CAMPUS) offers a thriving ecosystem designed specifically for pharmaceutical leaders and others driving advanced manufacturing and other next-generation technologies forward. Here, we offer a proven infrastructure with ample space to grow, collaborate, and bring radical innovation to life.

CAMPUS is the central access point for empowering our nation and protecting our health by improving the quality, availability, yield, speed, and environmental impact of the lifesaving medicine that the U.S. and the world need most.

How We Got Here

We are facing an urgent national challenge and embracing a legacy-defining moment. CAMPUS, and the City of Petersburg, offers a solution.

Offshore manufacturing of medicines has exacerbated a health crisis in America, and a fragmented, siloed approach to creating the most vital medicines has put the Nation’s health at risk.

To solve this problem, world-class leaders in advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D have gathered in the City of Petersburg to pioneer new technology and form deeply collaborative relationships at CAMPUS. Together, some of the best and brightest pharmaceutical leaders are working side by side to manufacture high-quality, affordable medicines end-to-end in the U.S.

What We Stand For

A powerful and unifying vision for healthy and equitable communities with reliable, safe, and secure access to affordable, high-quality medicine drives us. Our vision is filled with hope, renewal, and determination.

CAMPUS is powered by leaders who are committed, determined, and driven by a shared sense of purpose to build healthy communities.

At CAMPUS, we see our mission as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to serve as the central hub for securing our pharmaceutical supply chain through state-of-the-art facilities in the City of Petersburg. Here, pharmaceutical leaders are determined to drive down the cost of medicine and drive up the quality in order to improve access for all.