Make Medicine Here

CAMPUS is an inspiring environment built for next-generation pharmaceutical leaders who are radically transforming the industry for good.

Who We Are

Our central location in Peterburg, Virginia provides CAMPUS partners with an ecosystem brimming with bold and resolute pharmaceutical leaders, researchers, developers, manufacturers – and future partners.

We also offer easy access to the world’s major markets by air, land, and sea. And space to grow.

Constant Collaboration and Radical Innovation

  • CAMPUS is filled with leaders who are committed and proud to serve at the center of a nationwide movement to re-imagine the way life-changing medicine is researched, developed, and manufactured from start to finish.
  • At CAMPUS, leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies are currently leveraging novel R&D and advanced manufacturing to create a community known for its innovation, resilience, and bold thinking.
  • As the gateway to innovation, CAMPUS offers connection points throughout the entire pharmaceutical manufacturing process that result in an uninterrupted supply of life-changing medicines while creating jobs and attracting future talent.


  • CAMPUS provides immediate access to two interstate highways, I-95 and I-85, and offers major arteries like US 301, Business 460, and Route 1. It’s easy to find the right trucking routes to and from CAMPUS.
  • Because CAMPUS sits at a crossroads of regional and national highways, and major ports in Richmond and Norfolk, freight traffic is a strong component of the transportation system. Freight trucking, warehouse distribution centers, and related industries are all in immediate proximity.
  • You can also easily move your goods over the rails and access rail routes to nearly every corner of the continent.
  • Ports at Norfolk, VA are also nearby, making it convenient to ship and receive goods.
  • Petersburg is served by two airports.

Workforce Development

  • In the past five years, we have brought together more advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing elements in Petersburg than anywhere in the world. And we have a prepared workforce that is ready now.
  • Top-rated, R1 research university systems provide a sustainable pathway for ongoing workforce development, including the only university in the U.S. offering a PhD pharmaceutical engineering program, to meet the needs of life sciences companies now and in the future. 
  • Home to one of the nation’s largest and most-educated military veterans’ workforces, supplementing 11K+ military personnel annually.
  • Virginia Talent Accelerator Program to accelerate expansion by expediting recruiting and shortening the new-hire learning curve.
  • The region offers a cost of labor that is ~10% below the national average.